How to best to help.

Join us! Please donate to help these moms and their families get the care they need.

Allay believes that it is imperative to support the mental health of mothers, especially those in low income environments. Research shows that early intervention can make a significant difference.

Allay’s multidisciplinary panel will review applications for assistance to pay for mental health interventions that may alleviate a mother’s suffering and improve their quality of life – such as their ability to work, completing an education, and caring for themselves and their family.  A gift from Allay pays directly for services both mental health care and complimentary, as needed.

In addition to a gift, a recipient will complete the Allay Program consisting of weekly therapy sessions, psychiatric care, as well as parenting and resilience building classes. Recipient’s progress will be monitored for expected milestones, and the program may be changed as needed to meet the needs of the mother and her child.

To donate by mail, please download and complete the check donation form. Your form and check payable to Allay Foundation can be mailed to us at:

Allay Foundation
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Arlington, VA 22209

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