Every woman should have the opportunity to enjoy motherhood.”

I was lucky enough to be born to a woman that loved being a mother. Who never suffered from any depression, or at least she never allowed me or my family to see it. A beautifully righteous, quiet and soft-spoken woman who put everyone’s place before hers. Strengthened by her faith and loving to a fault, her power was, and still is, in her convictions. Because of her supportive upbringing, I was able to face and overcome difficult personal obstacles, knowing that I had undying love and confidence in me.

Every woman should have the opportunity to enjoy motherhood as much as my mother did without the misery and hardship of mental illness. And every person should have the support and love of a mother that can give them the best start in life without being an emotional burden. So that is the reason I feel so strongly about this cause.

— Troy King

I strongly believe that therapy has been the most valuable part of my journey,

I first realized the connection between mental and physical health while I was a medical student volunteering at Camillus Health Concern, a homeless clinic in Miami, Florida. My experiences at multiple hospitals both private and public during my residency at Georgetown University Hospital further confirmed my recognition of this important relationship. As a practicing Obstetrician/ Gynecologist, I have paid special attention to the mental health of my patients. This became even more of a personal priority once I myself experienced postpartum depression after my second pregnancy. I have managed my depression and anxiety over many years with various therapies both traditional and alternative. I strongly believe that therapy has been the most valuable part of my journey, and I am committed to providing therapy as a treatment modality for women from all socioeconomic and cultural groups. I see The Allay Foundation as the first step in fulfilling this goal.

— Cara Simmonds

Every child faces so many challenges today. Each one deserves the best chance for success. The foundation on which those chances rest is…mom. No single person has a greater impact on her child than the woman who has herself struggled for the opportunity to give birth and launch the next generation. All of us owe these women a debt of gratitude for undertaking this sacred cause. I want to help them in any way possible. I hope you will join me.

— Michael Clark


Every mom should have access to care – no one should suffer.

As a therapist, I work daily with moms struggling with mental illness. I’ve seen the pain up close. And, I know there’s help. Every mom should have access to care – no one should suffer. I’m proud to work with Allay to provide metal health care to moms, to help mothers and their families, thrive.

— Rachel Noble

Let’s give all Moms, Babies, and Families that strong foundation and strong start..”

Mom has the hardest job in the world, to give birth to and raise a child. Although there is so much joy and happiness that comes with a new baby, this time also brings many new struggles and stresses. These struggles and stresses can lead to depression, anxiety, feelings of guilt, and other mental illnesses at a time that the Mom and Baby should be bonding and setting the foundation for the baby’s development. Allay is there to help mom’s struggling with mental illness and to help make this time about setting a strong foundation for Mom, Baby and Family. Let’s give all Moms, Babies, and Families that strong foundation and strong start.

Dale Scholler


A healthy mind in a healthy body.”

Juvenal, the Roman poet, motivated the first modern-day physicians with his poem Satire X writing 'a healthy mind in a healthy body'. This statement remains as true today as it was in Roman times. Every physical disease process has an impact on one's mental health. We have largely come to ignore this element in our present day approach to modern medicine. Pregnancy creates enormous physical and hormonal changes that have a significant influence on the mental function of the Mom. This combined with the reality of the responsibility towards a whole new life creates a tremendous impact on the mental well being of the mother. The ability to deal with both the physical and mental changes during this time are extremely challenging. The ability to guide Mom through these challenging times to develop both resilience and wellbeing will create a more successful society. Thus our ability to provide help with mental wellness during this time has more than just a direct impact on the Mom but is a gift to all of us.

— Peter Glass

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